About Us

About us at Clear Summit Realty. Pride in ownership. It’s how most people feel about their home. The moment you walk through the door you should feel the excitement, security, comfort and personal reward. 

At Clear Summit Realty, there’s a constant self-satisfaction that comes from sharing all those emotions, energized by a homeowner’s trust and confidence in our service and ability.

From the moment we first opened our office, the scope of our mission has remained constant: quality service, never-ending respect for our customers, uncompromising integrity and ethics. We stand renewed and ever ready to continue that commitment for many years to come. Driven by dedication to duty, every Clear Summit Realty agent embodies a “Can Do” attitude with each and every customer. It’s a process that begins with passionate, commitment to training and ongoing education. To learn a system that each associate uses daily with new and bold ideas about marketing, sales and support that makes them true professionals. No competitor outperforms Clear Summit Realty in knowledge, know-how and ingenuity in the local market.

Teaching and technology has become very important in responding to the time-sensitive and insatiable demands for sound information. Click and ClearSummitRealty.com can cater to your individual desires for services such as: property availability, financing, relocation, agent search and all information needed to make your real estate experience enjoyable. And with an office wired for high-speed transmissions, information transfer takes place at with “Quick Action” responsiveness.

Clear Summit Realty is a concept that recognizes the unique relationships we create with each consumer… an approach that reacts to each buyer or seller with a heightened consciousness for their individual needs. Through Clear Summit Realty’s Relocation services, we’ve made it possible to respond with quality and value to every home move you make. Move-in, live-in, in just about every home service you can imagine we’re there with brand name suppliers to handle the call.

With Clear Summit Realty, real estate goes well beyond a transaction. It’s a total philosophy for helping you make the right choices when it comes to life’s most cherished investment…your home. It’s why we can say, with strong conviction, “For the best way home, go Clear Summit Realty.”