Looking for homes for sale in Marietta Georgia? The city of Marietta is located just 15 miles NW of Atlanta and has around 60,000 inhabitants. Marietta is the County seat for Cobb County, so many government buildings are conveniently located in and around the Marietta Square.  The Marietta Square is a popular gathering spot for craft shows, weddings, bands, and family activities to name just a few. Glover Park is a small park in Marietta located off of the square that has a small train engine from the Glover Machine Works (1895 – 1995), a machine-producing company well woven into Marietta’s past.

Marietta has a rich history, including Civil War battles and antebellum homes that survived Sherman’s “march to the sea”. The City of Marietta was incorporated Dec 19, 1834, and many of the churches found downtown off the Square were built at that time and contain incredible leaded glass windows. The Brumby Rocker Company is also a manufacturer located in Marietta that was established in 1875. Brumby still manufactures comfortable rockers! If you are looking for a few statistics about Marietta here they are:  the cost of living index is 99%, right at national average. The median income is $45, ooo and 36% of the inhabitants own their own home. The percentage of people married is 47%; with families, 16%. Marietta has its own City school system ( and 24% of the people who live in Marietta have a college education.

Marietta has plenty of entertainment available to its residents. Theater in the Square offers live plays and The Root House is the source for history on Marietta. Every year there is a Christmas Pilgrimage where visitors can tour some of the beautiful old homes and contribute to the Historical Society at the same time.  Art in the Park is a fun opportunity to shop independent vendors of art merchandise and of course, Kennesaw Mountain National Park is partially located in Marietta.

For more information on the city, go to // . Marietta is also an athletically active city with many different parks to choose from. Marietta parks information can be found

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