Relocation familes to and from Atlanta is our mission. Our goal is to make your real estate experience enjoyable! 

Atlanta Skyline

Relocation is our driving force! Moving from one home to another is traumatic, no matter how far or short the distance. Moving from one part of the country to another is even more difficult due to all of the “unknowns” associated new location. In order to feel more confident about a move, it’s important to know a few facts about your destination. Since each and every person’s needs are different, it’s best that you express those needs as clearly as possible to someone who is a position to know how to respond.

As a long time resident of Atlanta, I can help you with your questions. My specialty is relocation, by that I mean I know the area. I can give you an overview of the neighborhoods in a large geographic area. To aid in your search for the best place to fit your lifestyle, budget and comfort zone, I can send you information on all the areas that might work for you.

Once you have the information you can make the decisions on where to look first. Since it is impossible know everything about a place until you actually see it. We can tour the areas you like in person when you arrive. Once you have seen the neighborhoods you will begin to get a feel for what is best for you. That’s a decision you make, with my assistance, not pressure.

We Know the Territory

Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Let us at Clear Summit Realty assist you. We will take care of all the important and necessary details while you can attend to moving. Our business is helping you make the right decisions, guide you through negotiations, inspections and close on time. When it comes to Metro Atlanta real estate, we know the territory. For experienced help with your real estate needs call now…770-842-4531.